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Watermelon - Seeded


Seeded Watermelon - Hybrid F1
Plants are early medium, very vigorous, productive, stable and heat tolerant.
Fruit is short oblong. Weighs 7-10 kg, durable, strong and is more resistant to cracking which makes it good for shipping.
Fruit is green rind decorated with broad dark blue stripes.
The flesh is firm, crisp, sweet and juicy.


Seeded Watermelon - Crimson type (Hybrid F1)
Plants are very vigorous, medium-early and productive, can be harvested 98 days from sowing.
Widely adapted to high temperature and humidity.
Fruit is oblong shaped, big, can weigh up to 16 kilos.
Rind is green with wide dark green stripes, thin but tough.
Good for storage and shipping.
Flesh is brilliantly red, juicy and sweet with 12% sugar content.


Seeded Watermelon - Hybrid F1
Globe shaped fruit.
Dark green rind.
Weighs 8-10 kg.


Seeded Watermelon - Hybrid F1
Globe shaped fruit.
Dark green rind.
Weighs 7-9 kg.

Lucsor 33

Seedless Watermelon -Hybrid F1

Type:Watermelon (Seeded) – Dark green oval shape,Days from sowing:95 days,Weight & Shape:12-15 kg, oval,Rind color:Dark green,Flesh:Red and sweet


Seeded Watermelon - Hybrid F1
Plants are very vigorous, stable in quality and yield.
Fruit is about 10-15 kg.
Flesh is bright red with black seeds, very attractive, crispy, juicy and sweet.
Rind is smooth, light green with green stripes.


Seeded Watermelon-Hybrid F1

Type:Watermelon (Seeded) - Crimson type;Days from sowing:90 days;Weight:9-12Kg   Shape:Oblong;Rind color:Green with wide dark green stripes;Flesh:Brilliantly red, juicy and sweet 12% Sugar;Characteristics:Rind is thin but tough. Good for storage and shipment,medium early and productive;Growing conditions:Widely adaptive to high temperature and humidity;Resistance:Stores well. Good shipper.

ORIN 9220

Seeded Watermelon-Hybrid F1

Crimson type,Relative maturity 95 days from sowing.Fruit weight: 10-14 kg.Fruit shape: oblong,Rind color:green with wide dark green stripes.Flesh bright red, juicy and sweet.Resistance to cracking.•Stores well, suitable for shipping


Seeded Watermelon - Hybrid F1

Type:crimson;Shape:oval shape, big fruit;Weight:15+ kg;Good for Shipping and storage


TYRA 9216

Seeded Watermelon

Crimson type,Relative maturity 95 days from sowing.Fruit weight: 10-12 kg,Fruit shape:short oblong Rind Color: attractive green with wide dark green stripes.Flesh: bright red, crisp, firm, juicy and sweet.Resistance to cracking.Features: super vigorous variety,productive, tolerant to heat,Suitable for shipping.


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